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How To Save More Money With The Clever Rx Discount Card Save More Money Compared To Other Cards

I know there are a billion prescription pharmacy discount cards, but one that stands out to us is Clever Rx. Here’s why. You simply, on average, save much more money on prescriptions compared to other prescription discount cards. It’s true, on average. That means, not every time, but most times. Additionally, the pricing is guaranteed to be the same on the phone app, and in the pharmacy, and are often lower than the copays of your own insurance.

Of course, it is free, too.

Let’s get into the details on this great card and how it can save you money on your prescriptions (including for your pets!)

Why Clever Rx?

I know there are a million prescription discount cards available, the most popular, arguably, being Good Rx. Being the most popular doesn’t mean it’s right for you, though. Have you heard of Clever Rx?

No, I bet you have not.

Did you know Clever Rx not only saves you (on average depending on the drug) 80% off the retail cost of most drugs, but also beats many of the other cards themselves?

Yes. Including Good Rx and some of these other popular ones.

That’s right. Not every time, but most times.

How Does It Work?

Simple. You just sign up through our partner portal (we have it, too). Make sure you download the app. Clever Rx guarantees the price on the app matches the actual price you’ll pay in the pharmacy.

When you are ready to get a prescription filled, you can look up the lowest-priced pharmacy in your area.

How cool is that?

You can direct your doctor or provider to send the prescription there. You can then print out the voucher form, print out your card (laminate it and keep it in your wallet or purse), or use the app. Nearly all people use the app nowadays. The clerk will scan the card on the app, and you will receive the prescription for the price you see on the app.


Clever Rx Prescription Drug Price Comparison

I know what matters to you. Cost. It matters to me, too.

I said before that the Clever Rx price often beats out other cards.

The key here is the word, “often”.

In other words, not every single time.

But, check and see, and I think you will be surprised.

Frequently Asked Questions About Prescription Discount Cards And Clever Rx

I am sure you have several questions about the Clever Rx discount card. We address them here.

Can I Use A Prescription Discount Card With Insurance?

No. You can’t. You have to use either a prescription discount card or insurance, but you can’t use both for the same purchase.

However, you can compare your prescription insurance price versus your discount price, and then pay the lower amount.

For example, I have a $10 copay on prescription fill for amoxicillin through my insurance. However, I paid $5.16 through the Clever Rx app and saved myself about $4.84.

Who Can Use These Cards?

Anyone. I have prescription insurance, and I use the Clever Rx card whenever I pay less than what I would pay if I used my insurance. It’s free and offers great flexibility.

A prescription discount card is useful if you:

  • want to save money

  • have insurance and want to compare (My family and I use Clever Rx and always pick the cheapest option)

  • are on Medicare and need a secondary prescription option

  • missed Part D enrollment and need something

  • have pets

Can I Use This Card For My Pets?

Yes. The Clever Rx card allows prescription medication for your pets. Your veterinarian just needs to place the fill at the pharmacy of your choice.

Now You Know You Can Save Money On Your Prescription Drug Costs With Clever Rx!

What do you think? Yes, you can save money on your prescription drugs using Clever Rx. Moreover, the card beats out most competitors.

Would you like to learn more? There’s no risk. Remember, it is free! You can print out the card or call us and we can get you a few, or download the app from Google or Apple stores on your phone, enter the Group # 2060 and Member ID # 1006 and START SAVING.

We would be happy to discuss further and answer any questions you have. Feel free to reach out to us at

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