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Benefit Strategies to move your Business through and beyond the Pandemic

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Times are not typical. Benefits strategies shouldn’t be either !

Here are a couple of Ideas >>>

We can help you implement and customize a Cafeteria Plan, Self-Insured Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan, and Wellness Plan to form a structure of your customized Health & Wealth Program. Our programs are compliant with tax and ERISA guidelines and sanctioned under 105(b) and the IRC (1.105-11)

This Program requires employee participation, which allows for eligible fixed reimbursements to be issued every pay period on a tax-free basis. Therefore, your employees will not see a reduction in their take home pay. Lastly, you the employer will have FICA savings per each participant because of the section 125 cafeteria plan in effect.

Supplemental Benefits >>>

Each Participant receives a “Wellness Reserve” created by a combination of tax savings and reimbursement due to participation. This Wellness Reserve is used to pay for supplemental benefits for greater employee financial security.

Ø Life Insurance (Term, Whole and Universal Life)

Ø Hospital Indemnity

Ø Critical Illness

Ø Accident Insurance

Ø Disability

The Average “Wellness Reserve” is $150 per Month.

Our Solutions >>>

Our Health and Wealth solution addresses the evolving needs of organizations due to the impacts of Covid-19.

Rising Health Care Costs and the uncertainties associated with Covid-19 will further burden budgets and potentially change the benefit structure of each corporation to support increased employee risks

Health Care premiums are projected to increase as a result of Covid impacts, we are already seeing 20-30% increases in summer effective dates.

Employees are more conscious of the health risks they face and look for protection against added hardships represented by increased deductibles, threat of lost income or the need for unexpected medical care.

The participation Based Wellness component identifies 213(d) compliant services that satisfy participation requirements. These benefits will provide greater financial security for each of your employees and their families.

All benefits are FREE with ZERO Co-Pay.


Health Assessments and Risk Analysis

Wellness Coaching

120+ Wellness Courses designed to mitigate risk conditions and lifestyles

Medical Care:

24/7 Telemedicine for Acute Care

24/7 Telehealth Registered Nurse Line

24/7 Behavioral Health Clinicians

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